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Operation Freedom Guys

"My time at Box R Ranch was not only a time of retreat into some of God's most beautiful country, but was also an opportunity for me to come alive as a man. To come together with other men whom I had never met before and bond with them by sharing stories of our journeys together was like coming to a well of water in the desert. This week reminded me that authentic and genuine fellowship with other men, not only exists, but is the heart cry of us all."

Jeep Guys

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend. My expectations for the week have been met, but so much more. Until now the warfare that I saw prior to this experience was very two-dimensional. The exchange that has taken place with each other and with Father has made it not only from the three dimensional, but also from the perspective of on the field in action. Thank you for helping me gain this new insight."

"Thank you guys for the opportunity to participate in something of this caliber.. words cannot express what this has done for me"

"This week has given me a full stop reflection of my own life, resetting my heart and filling me with the courage to move forward. The intense honesty among us created a perfect setting for us to push ourselves emotionally. My heart is telling me that this is a new start, and that I cannot go back. I have great passion and energy to fight for the hearts of other men and women."

"I was able to de-stress and be honest with a group of other men, and really see what spiritual battle is."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Oregon, and it was beneficial both spiritually and physically. It opened my eyes to some of the struggles of my brothers--to know that I am not alone in the battle, and reassured me that others are there for me. I think I have lived most of my life in a survival mode of keeping secrets, not trusting fully (God or man) and feeling like it's me against the world. All of these thoughts have been expressed by my actions and thought patterns, but was something I would never, could never admit. It's a great feeling to be released from such a lie."

"Although we haven't spent much time together, I consider you one of my best friends, and I know that I can talk to you about any subject. A true friend can be depended on in time of need--you were the first person I called when I had my drug problem. The one single aspect of your ministry to me is this: I am living more freely than... when I first became a Christian!"

Operation Freedom Fellowship

"This week has forever changed the course of my relationship with God as my Father. I have never felt so much like His child as this week. I am His glory along with all those who believe in Him. And I've been awakened to the true battle with the evil one."

"Thank you for asking me to go to Oregon. Wow! What an amazing time with the Lord and His sons. I did not know what to expect when we got out there. This week was awesome for me to get away and face some unknown fears. God totally blessed me and healed me in ways I've never experienced. I truly had intimate encounters with our Holy God."

"Thank you guys for the opportunity to participate in something of this caliber. As I said earlier, words cannot express what this has done for me. I never had a dad or positive male figures in my life to validate that I was or am a man. I have truly received that and much more this week. I look forward to continuing in this new discovery of the heart."


"Marvelous! I, and I hope my wife, will be eternally grateful for this precious time. Thank you for making this wonderful experience possible for me. And thank you for being willing to go to war for me and my four other brothers. Please continue keeping things simple, clear and without compromise."


"God is so good! He used your words on Monday, His Word and His Spirit in the solitude of His presence, to impress on my heart and mind--things which I knew more or less--but which seemed to have "clicked in" beyond my intellect this time! Hard to articulate... in a way it feels a bit like, "...the eyes of my heart being enlightened..." like in Ephesians one. I have been pondering... the truth of God's words--pondering and getting glimpses of the beauty of the Lord Jesus..."

"This week has helped me go deeply into an intimate part of my heart that has been off limits since childhood."


"Thank you so much for the week in Oregon. My life is truly changed. It was a time of healing and restoration for me. To be a part of a band of brother warriors is the greatest feeling and what I wanted to have all my life. A sense of belonging and validation does not even start to describe the experience I've had."

"This week helped me to truly understand freedom, the need for adventure and to value brotherhood."

"I feel like I am back on the front line, fighting the enemy. Some days taking ground, some days losing ground, but at least I am engaged in the battle. The warrior in me has been awakened from a place of despair and resignation to a place of action. Thank you for helping to wake me up!"



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