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» Each year we facilitate week long trips as well as three or four weekend getaways. For information on all Operation Freedom adventures, please email Tom Grady at Tom@operationfreedom.us. Described below is a good flavor of what these times away are all about. Would love to have you join us!

Have you hungered for a little adventure to get yourself out of traffic and all the hassles that come with life in the big city? We're planning several trips through 2020 and are packing in more fun than you've had in a long time! Would you join us in one of these beautiful and memorable locations?

The men's getaways are designed for guys who really hunger to live from the freedom that Jesus assured us He came to give us. (Luke 4:18) Our band of men will include guys from many walks of life with one thing in common - a heartfelt desire to know God. These trips are normally limited to 10 as we need to keep our team at a size where we can really get to know one another. We can link you up with a man who has already made a previous trip to get a feel for what to expect. Their feedback is recorded on Operation Freedom Action Reports.

Dubbed Operation Freedom, these are no-holds-barred adventures that will bond you with other men and give you a fresh look at the high cost of your freedom in Christ. Remember, high cost -- what He paid for you -- translates into high value -- what you are worth to Him.

We have found that we need time away once in a while, where our phones don't work, where email is inaccessible, and where the demands of a normal day are vanquished. Silence amid fun and laughter help to bring you to know what God really has for you.

It's obvious that our culture and our careers demand so much of our attention that we can easily neglect what matters most. At Operation Freedom you'll hear men tell honest, true feelings of what they hunger most for -- friendship with God and with other men. And you'll hear it in an atmosphere of breathtaking, scenic beauty and all the quiet wonder that comes with it. Come be a kid again for a few days!

Operation Freedom, Inc.
PO Box 654
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Phone: Tom Grady 770-605-9686

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